Monday, October 15, 2012

How to be stylish while trout fishing

 Yesterday was such an amazing day here in Virginia,  when I read the temperature read 67 degrees we decided to go trout fishing at Douthat Sate Park. Douthat State Park is a state park located in the Allegheny Mountains in Virginia.  One of the things I adore about the park is the Civilian Conservation Corps developed and constructed the majority of the modern-day park system. The surrounding Bath County is really stunning this time of year and there are tons of hidden treasures to keep you busy if you love the county life.
I'm going to make a stark fashion confession here, right now. I use to live in camouflage pants hiking boots and sweaters. See the issue is I love the outdoors and most of the time settle for practical fashion choices, like jeans, fleece, sneakers. I am attempting to venture from my "old faithfuls" or old reliable.  You can see in my photos my ATTEMPT to be stylish while trout fishing. Main thing was to wear things that I wouldn't cry if they got fish guts or bird poop on. So I slapped on a super comfy pair of Old Navy rock star jeans on with my Wallis boots and scarf . A regular over sized white v neck and there you go.  After hiking a few trails yesterday I was glad I made an upgrade of footwear. At least if a timber rattler tried to bite my ankles my wallis boots would bring some protection.  

 Of course I couldn't resist putting together a look on Polyvore  : )

How to stylish while trout fishing

Long coat / dVb Victoria Beckham zipper jeans, $400 / Wallis tan leather boots / DANNIJO sparkle jewelry / Wallis animal print scarve

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