Saturday, February 26, 2011

TNW's Interview with Polyvore

TNW's Interview with Polyvore's Advirtising Director Katherine Crane.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The NewYorker Doll Construction Video

This was a beyond super simple doll that just flew together. Sometimes I get REALLY lucky and find such a neat and clear image. These dolls usually consist of two parts the top and the legs. Super simple but I LOVE the outcome and that is what art is about. Loving what you create.
I wish the I remembered to put the sound Mono when I made the doll. Was jammin out to some Foo Fighters and Hum. 
Hope you all Enjoy

The New Yorker

The Blank Slate

New Set Embed Features

Neat new features for bloggers that use Polyvore. The New Set Embed Features are awesome!

I tried this out with my newest set. The Blank Slate. There are 3 size selections and 4 layout styles to choose from. The best New features are the embed grid of items without text and product selection.

Sending a Big Thank You to Polyvore for these super sweet upgrades

Steampunk Fancy

Steampunk Fancy
Steampunk Fancy by Tabitha Sue featuring retro jewelry

Steampunk Fancy explores what was fashionable in the Victorian, Wilhelminean and Edwardean Eras. Borrowing from a time that was to create the era that should have been.
Fashions include Fancy Top hats, Corsetry, Leather, Brass, Boots and of course the Pocket Watch.

Modern Steam

Items that have a steampunk feel that you can mix into your already existing wardrobe.

Mary doll Construction Video

I wanted to share another Doll Construction Video. All my cuts or edits were pre done to save on construction time. My cuts are very close cuts, ( meaning I cut inside the image's edge that I want to edit)  When I make my clips, I make many and then put them all together like a puzzle. In doing so you are able to layer and add extra shadows to fuse the image together. (Example. in the video I have the top image and the skirt. I edit the left arm alone so I can add a small light shadow under to bring the top image of the breast and the skirt together)

I hope you all enjoy


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Caged Lady Construction Video

Wonderful. This Doll was a Super simple construction. I found the Main photo a few nights ago, it took me to find all the items in 5 minutes and construction took around 15 minutes.
I kept the shadows light. There was so much color I wanted the dress and image to blend with the abstract illustrations in the background.
Thank you everyone. Hope you all enjoy

Caged Lady

Monday, February 21, 2011

Maritime Weekend

Maritime Weekend
Maritime Weekend by Tabitha Sue featuring sheer tops

I was so excited to get away for the weekend.
The boys and I headed to Southern Maryland to a Hideaway along the Chesapeake Bay. We had a fun visiting the Calvert County Maritime Museum, Exploring the Cove Point Lighthouse and the Cove Point Beach and Hiking through Calvert Cliffs Beach Park.
The featured outfit is very similar to what I wore for our Museum outing.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lady in Red Coat Doll Contruction Tutorial

I was really excited when I received a private message via Polyvore from another member asking me to create another Steven Meisel, Couture Doll.

Constructing the doll actually took 20 minutes and finding the items last night took about 15 minutes. (remember I save EVERYTHING)

In the video I make a few points about Matching Skin Tones and Angles of the images that you use.

Lately a huge thing for me is to use actual images of people wearing clothes instead of starting with a top or jacket.

I of course add a zillions shadows. Behind, In front to add more depth. Sometimes the actual photo of the model wearing the jacket looks flat. so adding a light shadow where there already is one in the photo adds that little lifelike shape.

Adding shadows to the edge of the image creates a softness or even a curve effect, which I used around the hair and skirt in this doll.

Thanks again everyone. Hope you all Enjoy

Lady in Red Coat

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello Dollface Doll Construction Video

I hope you all enjoy the new Video, this is another video that just shows me constructing the dollface doll. It took about 45 minutes to locate all the items for this doll, then I wanted to tag most of the items to save on construction time. .

meonearth inspired me to venture out and use abstract splashes and illustrations. The doll all started with lips and the text dollface. I knew I wanted to play and mix the magic of McQueen's previous shows.

Sorry no music in the clip. or audio this time around

Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. again enjoy

Hello Dollface

Hello Dollface
Hello Dollface by Tabitha Sue featuring knit tank tops

McQueen Doll Contest Starts TONIGHT!!

Interior Design Template 2

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interior Design Magazine Page

Interior Design Magazine Page
Interior Design Magazine Page by Tabitha Sue on

I have been trying to get my mother on Polyvore since last May. She is an Interior Designer who isn't very Computer savey. So I really want to set up some Nice Clean Magazine type Layouts for her to use on her website and upsoming Blog.

I will also have a tut on this. Mainly for her. We live over 1000 miles away from eachother durning the winter months, so trying to eplain to someone how an editor works over the phone can become such a joke. lol


This is a really simple Doll Video. I want to say a few things about the construction of this doll. She is a very abstract type of doll. I wanted to mix and match the amazing Dior Looks ... Spring into Fall. All the strange tentacles I wanted the feel that fashion was taking over the city my these young out of control gorgeous creatures

NYC Unfolds

The New Look

No, I am not talking about Dior's New Look of 1947. I am speaking of the new look of the blog. More Focused and streamline. Hope you all enjoy
New Doll Video Tutorial to be posted later tonight!

mademoiselle Sue youtube channel

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why I adore Dior Haute Couture

Above are My Top Favorites from the
 Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011


How to Create a New Group on Polyvore Tabitha Sue's Tutorial

The things I wish someone told me about Polyvore when I first started.

My latest tutorial may seem to be filled with everything you already knew about the Polyvore editor, so why did I make such a basic Fashion set tutorial.

When I first started creating sets on Polyvore I literally wanted to cry sometimes. I diligently watched the lovely little short tutorial on the Polyvore website on how to create a set. Which sadly left me with so many questions. I even search YouTube for other tutorials and at that time there was ONE .. now to make a preppy circle set. (and those are really cute, but not what I wanted to learn)

Why did all the photos I wanted to add have these huge gaping holes in the image?

How am I suppose to rotate this item again?

How did she get that straight line cut on that photo in the background custom window?

So needless to say ... I limited myself to certain items only so my sets didn't look god awful.

I don't remember who finally told me the ins and outs of the Poly Editor.

I do remember sweet Sophisty telling me how to make a mini set, but that is about it.

I am not sure what it is about me but I get several private messages on Polyvore about how to do certain things on the site.

I honestly don't mind, I will be more than happy to share what I know.
Now you know why I created these Tutorials. If they can answer 1 person question I will be a happy lady.

Hope you all enjoy. Have a Brilliant day

Sitting Pretty

Tabitha Sue Red Hot Fashion set Polyvore Editor Tut

Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Hot

Red Hot
Red Hot by Tabitha Sue featuring flower tops

Happy Valentines Day

Over 400 Images of Legs

While my new tut video processes and loads I am forcing myself to manage my

Polyvore saved items. If you ever have attempted to sift and raid my items you know what I mean. The process is so overwhelming.

I think to myself this is suppose to be fun. Just one more page. The main issue is I was scorned from the beginning. When I first joined Polyvore 10 months ago. I didn't save very much and then when I would remember "oh that photo of the girl in the purple feather skirt would be perfect for this set. The search was beyond using the editors color search. This image of the girl in the purple feather skirt had probably been saved 4 years ago.

So once I finally did find the photo I told myself I would SAVE everything I liked. ANYTHING that I thought I could use.

400 legs,tights, feet with high heels later. yeah that's right. over 400 images of legs.


Somehow My mind is able to see an image and remember those funky stripped tights at the three quarter angle that I saved 4 months ago would be PERFECT for this doll.

Don't ask me what day of the week it is or what I ate for breakfast. Only useful information is saved under the important to remember.

So getting back to task I am now down to 100 pages of untagged items. YAY!. A few of my items categories include, model photos, furniture, shadows. birds(which is basically anything with wings or even wings for that matter) and so on so forth.

One day soon I think we all hope that Polyvore will color index our own saved items. Which will probably be accompanied by several other changes that aren't that big of a deal but just the fact that something else changed in the Application will throw 1/3 of the Polymember community into panic. Heavens forbid they change.

So here is a few question for my readers

What item categories do you have?


What changes or Updates would you like to see Polyvore make to their site or editor?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

this heart will start a riot polyvore doll tut coming soon

Alas, I finally got a great Video Capture program and it works! I am so excited, I will be sharing my Polyvore Creative Process with everyone. Hope you all enjoy!
Please feel free to comment, request and ask questions
Thanks everyone