Monday, February 14, 2011

Over 400 Images of Legs

While my new tut video processes and loads I am forcing myself to manage my

Polyvore saved items. If you ever have attempted to sift and raid my items you know what I mean. The process is so overwhelming.

I think to myself this is suppose to be fun. Just one more page. The main issue is I was scorned from the beginning. When I first joined Polyvore 10 months ago. I didn't save very much and then when I would remember "oh that photo of the girl in the purple feather skirt would be perfect for this set. The search was beyond using the editors color search. This image of the girl in the purple feather skirt had probably been saved 4 years ago.

So once I finally did find the photo I told myself I would SAVE everything I liked. ANYTHING that I thought I could use.

400 legs,tights, feet with high heels later. yeah that's right. over 400 images of legs.


Somehow My mind is able to see an image and remember those funky stripped tights at the three quarter angle that I saved 4 months ago would be PERFECT for this doll.

Don't ask me what day of the week it is or what I ate for breakfast. Only useful information is saved under the important to remember.

So getting back to task I am now down to 100 pages of untagged items. YAY!. A few of my items categories include, model photos, furniture, shadows. birds(which is basically anything with wings or even wings for that matter) and so on so forth.

One day soon I think we all hope that Polyvore will color index our own saved items. Which will probably be accompanied by several other changes that aren't that big of a deal but just the fact that something else changed in the Application will throw 1/3 of the Polymember community into panic. Heavens forbid they change.

So here is a few question for my readers

What item categories do you have?


What changes or Updates would you like to see Polyvore make to their site or editor?

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