Friday, February 18, 2011

Lady in Red Coat Doll Contruction Tutorial

I was really excited when I received a private message via Polyvore from another member asking me to create another Steven Meisel, Couture Doll.

Constructing the doll actually took 20 minutes and finding the items last night took about 15 minutes. (remember I save EVERYTHING)

In the video I make a few points about Matching Skin Tones and Angles of the images that you use.

Lately a huge thing for me is to use actual images of people wearing clothes instead of starting with a top or jacket.

I of course add a zillions shadows. Behind, In front to add more depth. Sometimes the actual photo of the model wearing the jacket looks flat. so adding a light shadow where there already is one in the photo adds that little lifelike shape.

Adding shadows to the edge of the image creates a softness or even a curve effect, which I used around the hair and skirt in this doll.

Thanks again everyone. Hope you all Enjoy

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  1. This is an amazing video. All of your videos to this point have been so helpful. It really is a thrill to watch you make these beautiful dolls.