Thursday, January 10, 2013

Broccoli Lasagna Rolls

Broccoli Lasagna Rolls

Going to be 100% honest. I don't cook. I mean I do cook, it's mandatory to make food in some way and feed the family. OKAY, I am LEARNING to cook and bake things. Surprisingly things are coming out edible. NOT sure how considering I get distracted by the Boys. (3 all 8 years and younger if you didn't already know)

SO, I can across this idea on the oh so wonderful PINTREST! yes. It actually has a use. I just didn't PIN ... I MADE my Pin. yay! me. a score for being semi productive. Justifying my non productive habit of pinning and making it productive!

Here is what me making this dish actually looks like. .... via Instagram. Because I had cream cheese all over my fingers and Dare I not put those grubby cream cheese fingers on my nice Nikon. 

 P.S. I really need to step up my House wife skills and start wearing pearls all day. Add shopping for a wicked awesome apron. I ready. I'm ready. 

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