Sunday, March 6, 2011

Interveiw with ♥Rachel♥

I am so excited. I had a chance to interveiw  ♥Rachel♥

who is a Student/Art Gallery Bookkeeper.
Im sure you have seen some of her Big Polyvore Wins. Rachel has also recently won the Polyvore Facebook Style Challenge.
Personaly I think her focus on Product and Amazing sense of style in her sets is what attracts the judges.

Here are a few Questions she was so kind to answer for me :)

What celebrity do you see as a fashion icon an why?

I have a few, Posh Victoria Beckham, Scarlet Johansson and Beyonce. They all have such a classy yet casual style. They can make jeans look amazing yet put on a gown and shine.

What celebrity style can't you stand and why?

Mary Kate Olsen, I can't stand it when her or her sister dress like they're homeless. They don't dress like that all the time but a good majority of the time they do and it drives me nuts.

What is your personal daily style?

I'm very much a jeans girl. In fact unless it's summer that's probably what you'll catch me in. Although I do dress them up with boots, cute top or a sweater.

Who are a few of your favorite artists and why?

I work for a Non Profit Art Organization here in Los Angeles and there are so many artists that amaze me. I love Marnie Weber's work. We recently did a show with her collages where they were shown in a Cemetery's Mausoleum. I would love to one one of her pieces. I also love Brian M Viveros, I've used quite a few of his pieces here on Polyvore.

What inspires your Polyvore sets?

Usually it's the mood I'm in or an amazing item. I can work a whole set around one item.

When you are constructing your sets .. do you have a formula that you use? (starting with a photo or do you see a color of a bag and start from there)

For the most part I'll pick the main item first, like a dress or top and bottom. Then I'll work around that item to find other things that I think go well together. That's how I make my sets 95% of the time.

What are your favorite sets that you have constructed on Polyvore?
I don't know why I love this set so much but I do =)

I like sets with good color combos

And this one because it has my husband in it =)

What would you like to see Polyvore add to it's site?

I'd like to be able to search through my own items by color. I've been on here for three years and I've saved so many items that they're not always as organized as they should be.

What Poly advice would you give to a Member that just Joined?

As silly as it sounds practice. My sets were not very good when I first started, but over time I developed my own style and I'm happy with my sets. Don't forget to have fun and make new friends. I think the community is the best part about Polyvore.
Thank you so much Rachel.

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  1. Loved hearing about how Rachel designs her sets!