Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ooh lala Paris Doll Construction Video

Here is the Construction Video for the ooh lala paris doll that I made on Polyvore this morning. The doll took 10 minutes to make, around 10 minutes to locate all the items that wanted to incorporate into the design.

I didn't include to many shadows in this doll. I wanted to keep the feel of the airy waterolor and illustrations.

I can't stress enough how important is in when creating these types of dolls to match angles and having clear photographs to edit.

Again. I make several edits to one image to avoid to many clipping points. Which we all know will make your image disapear while you are creating your set.

I also wanted to give people some insight on what is going on while I create sets. I use a laptop that has no mouse, I edit and create my sets with only one hand for comfort.(my ring finger stears where the curser goes and my index finger selects and edits)

I ALWAYS listen or rock out to music while making sets. Music Inspires me and keeps me on pace.

I love for my sets to tell stories.

Thanks everyone.
hope you enjoy

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