Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Creating something that is universally beautiful. That is Art"

shu uemura art of beauty | Holiday 2012

karl lagerfeld for shu uemura
once upon a time, while the town was being decorated for Christmas with ornaments a small miracle took place in the atelier of Karl Lagerfeld’s castle.“mon shu girl” escaped from his sketchbook - a “dessin” come to life! spreading colorful times and holiday sparkle to girls around the world. mon shu girl dons Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic look and awakens the sleeping beauty that lies deep within. this holiday season, shu uemura and Karl Lagerfeld send a miracle of color and beauty that is a gift for every girl.

mon shu girl
Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by shu uemura and created mon shu girl to bring beauty to women around the world. mon shu girl is so fun, unique and trendy. be inspired by her and find the beauty inside of you and express it through colours and style! rock this holiday's trend: emerald smoky eyes and crimson lips.

shu uemura

Karl Lagerfeld for shu uemura press event report from Paris

Karl Lagerfeld's shu uemura tutorial.
Explanations of Mr. Uchiide's make-up by Karl Lagerfeld 


"Creating something that is universally beautiful. That is Art"

This Holiday 2012 collection is youth and fun. Please be sure to check it out here is the link.

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