Friday, January 13, 2012

Polyvore and CoverGirl 'Polyvore Live'


Being such a HUGE HUGE fan of anything Polyvore, when Nadia tweeted the link to Kristi Graced's article I wasn't shocked. I KNEW it was coming but I was over the top excited about the details of the Polyvore and CoverGirl 'Polyvore Live' event. :D Below is some of the key information... from Kristi's news breaking article.

" 'Polyvore Live' - a fashion show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that will showcase the collections of four alumni from the Fashion Institute of Technology.                        
The show will take place on Monday, Feb. 13 at La.Venue and will be live-streamed online at Prominent fashion bloggers -- to be revealed on one week before the show -- will walk the catwalk.
FIT's four emerging designers -- Dana-Maxx Pomerantz, Lauren Bagliore, Sergio Guadarrama and Vengsarkar "Ven" Budhu -- were chosen by the Polyvore community from a group of FIT alumni who submitted designs.
Polyvore's community will be able to preview the four collections through a series of online challenges -- one for each designer -- which will take place Jan. 16-27. Users will be asked to create "sets," i.e. digital collages, with pieces from the featured designer's collection as well as items from CoverGirl. The designers will personally choose their favorite Polyvore set, and the winner will get the chance to sit front row at the show. "
Pretty Darn awesome!!! SO I did some digging this morning and located a few of the featured Designers, some of their collection, and their inspirations!
Dana-Maxx Pomerantz
"DANA-MAXX is a women's contemporary ready-to-wear line. The label is known for its unique architectural silhouettes that are chic, strong, edgy, and always feminine. The distinct use of luxe materials, combined with mixing neutral colors with rich pops of colors in the right places, makes Dana-Maxx eye-catching and cohesive every season."
Take a Peak at Dana-Maxx Modern collection on Polyvore here
Lauren Bagliore
Sergio Guadarrama
"Sergio Guadarrama credits his upbringing in an artistic city like Austin, TX as major catalyst for his creativity. Sergio wasn’t the only creative mind in his household; “My father was an architect and introduced me to balance and proportion… which heavily influenced my design aesthetic.”
Sergio obtained his first Fashion Design degree from FIDM in Los Angeles, CA. Seeking a fresh perspective, he traded west coast for east to earn a second Fashion Design degree from FIT in New York. As the winner of “Best in Class – Execution” at the inaugural 2008 Supima Design Competition and serving as the youngest 2010 Critic for FIT’s Special Occasion program alongside Carolina Herrera and Calvin Klein, Sergio has continued to expand his vision alongside co-founder Rusty Harper. His graceful evening gowns and chic cocktail dresses boast impeccable tailoring and refined silhouettes for every woman's shape." "My goal is to make a woman... any woman, feel beautiful."
 Sneak Peek Celestino Fabulous collection on Polyvore here
Vengsarkar "Ven" Budhu
"“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about where I want my life to be. A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I work very hard to make my dream a reality and I am loving every second of it, hoping one day I will say…it was worth it”

Born in Guyana, South America, Vengsarkar Budhu moved to New York at age four.
Growing up in Queens New York and the youngest of five, he was always interested in fashion.

Vengsarkar decided to pursue his career in fashion design by attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and continuing studies in Florence, Italy.
Vengsarkar specialized in his love and passion for eveningwear, where he graduated with top honors as Designer Of The Year 2006, with a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

Currently residing in New York, Vengsarkar continues to pursue his career and his business GAVASKAR.
Peak into Gavaskar's Amazing  Collection on Polyvore

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