Friday, May 11, 2012

Alyssa Nicole Spring 2012

Spring 2012 from budding fashion designer Alyssa Casares  who hails from San Francisco, CA. She describes her designs as a "contemporary apparel line" which is called Alyssa Nicole. Check out my lookbooks on

Alyssa Nicole Spring 2012 by alyssabird on

Right now I am Co-hosting a Alyssa Nicole Dress Giveaway on Example of an entry below. Best of luck!! :D

"Alyssa Nicole Spring 2012 Collection Giveaway Doll Contest"

For a chance at 1 winner to win a custom 1 of a kind designed dress from @alyssabird herself.

This contest will be held in group

Rules are:

1. Each doll set must include 1 Alyssa Nicole Spring 12 Dress and 2 Alyssa Nicole Accessories from this collection entries should have a fully visible Alyssa Nicole Dress (recognizable, clipping the dress from model is acceptable but do not change the style of dress.) also your set must include 2 accessories from the Spring 2012 collection.

 2. The Doll Set "must" include HER website link in the set description & YOU MUST FOLLOW @alyssabird ON POLYVORE to be eligible to win the custom design from alyssanicole.

This contest is open to "all" members of this group "only"

3. there is a 3 entry limit per member

4. You are allowed to pick your own theme for your doll as long as you include 1 dress & 2 accessories from the collection link above.

5. This is a 3week contest & will be picked by alyssa, myself & tabitha for 1 special winner.

****Please Read****

Because i clipped the "item" to my own liking & changed the style of the dress, a doll set like this "WILL BE REJECTED" 

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