Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Great Gatsby .. Style Captured

"The Great Gatsby is a novel by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book was first published in 1925, and it has been republished in 1945 and 1953. There are two settings for the novel. The first setting is on Long Island's North Shore and the second major setting is in New York City. The book is set within the year 1922 from the spring to the autumn.
The Great Gatsby takes place during a prosperous time in American History. In 1922, America has fully recovered from the First World War, and is enjoying prosperity during the "roaring" 1920s. The economy soared and emotions ran high. Yet, at the same time, Prohibition, the ban on the sale and manufacture of alcohol as mandated by the Eighteenth Amendment, was gaining traction.
The ban on alcohol made millionaires out of bootleggers, who were smuggling in the illegal substance. That scenario is the backdrop for the novel, which contributed to its popularity. After the novel was republished in 1945 and 1953, The Great Gatsby quickly found a wide readership. Today the book is widely regarded as the epitome of the Great American Novel, and a literary classic. The Modern Library named it the second best English-language novel of the 20th Century. " wikipedia

My Favorite Screenshots from the Movie Trailer

Great Gatsby style

The Great Gatsby Movie Trailer .. Just in Case you missed it

Nick Carraway, a Midwesterner now living on Long Island, finds himself fascinated by the mysterious past and lavish lifestyle of his neighbor, Jay Gatsby. He is drawn into Gatsby's circle, becoming a witness to obsession and tragedy.

Director:Baz Luhrmann

Writers:F. Scott Fitzgerald (novel), Baz Luhrmann (screenplay)

Stars:Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Joel Edgerton

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